Get Fighting Fit

Boxing fitness classes are, as the name implies, fitness techniques borrowed from boxing without the fighting element of the sport. This means you’ll get all of the benefits of the training without having to explain to everybody you bump into why you’ve got a black eye or a fat lip!

Boxing fitness sessions give you a complete body workout. As well as punching you will do various bodyweight exercises throughout the session. There’s no part of your body that escapes the punishment… fun!

During each boxing fitness session you will begin with guidance on your technique then partner up with somebody who will hold punch pads for you while you carry out the required punch combinations and exercises. At the end of each three-minute round of activity the puncher and pad holder swap so pad holding techniques as well as timing and focus are learned as well. Oh and don’t think that you’re getting a rest when its your turn to hold pads either! 😉

Helping you through your session will be an Advanced Hatton Academy boxing fitness instructor so you can be sure that you are learning genuine boxing techniques which will help maximise the benefits of the training and minimise the chances of injury.

The Hatton Academy, created by British sporting icon Ricky Hatton, is the only training course accredited by the Register of Exercise Professionals, ActiveIQ, CIMSPA, and the British Boxing Board of Control.




Boxing Fitness