Boxing Fitness Sessions

Boxing fitness sessions will benefit you in many ways

  • Cardio vascular health. Lower your resting heart rate and improve general heart function.
  • Complete body strengthening and toning. Utilising kinetic chain maximises body coverage.
  • Hand/Eye coordination. Both puncher and pad holder will benefit in this area.
  • Stress reduction. Punching for exercise is one of the biggest stress relievers out there.
  • Core stability. Boxing fitness training, both directly and indirectly, strengthens the core.
  • Self-confidence. Improving your self-defence ability will improve your confidence levels.
  • Improved body composition. Torch those calories, burn that fat!
  • Relatively low risk of injury. Unlike other activities, no sprinting, tackling, lifting or fighting is involved and your technique is monitored throughout.

Boxing fitness sessions have been used regularly by individual sports people (and teams) of other sports as well as fitness enthusiasts because of the numerous benefits they have to offer. The high intensity nature of boxing fitness sessions along with the relatively low risk of injury allows participants to see results…….quickly!

You might be a tennis player looking to improve your power or a rugby player looking for a different type of cardio workout, boxing fitness sessions can do it all!